Luzerner Stadtlauf

Running around the city of Lucerne

«Luzerner Stadtlauf» is the city marathon in Lucerne and takes place on Saturday 29 of April. This year the marathon celebrates his 40 years anniversary. For this special edition, the marathon offers an additional category called «Musegg Classic» which is 7.2 km long. This distance is open for everyone, teams as well as single runners.
The Luzerner Stadtlauf offers a jogging adventure for everyone in different categories such as single, team or family. The family category has a long tradition at Luzerner Stadtlauf and every year almost 2000 families participate in this group.

At Luzerner Stadtlauf you can also participate with a group. There are different categories with different distances from 1.5 up to 7.2 km. A lot of companies from and around of Lucerne are participating with their employees in this category. But also school classes, sport clubs, and so on are welcome. If you are interested in a more competitive race, you can sign up for the single category, where the distance depends on your age.The online registrations is still open until Wednesday, 26. April 2017. For more information please visit the website of the Luzerner Stadtlauf.

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