How can I reach the HITrental Kreuzplatz Apartments?

Easy and fast to Forchstrasse 26/28

You have a booking for our HITrental Kreuzplatz Apartments and don’t know exactly how to get there? No problem, just read on here, we will be happy to give you directions. Just follow our recommendations and you can feel at home with us πŸ™‚ .

Note: Kreuzplatz I Apartment is located at Forchstrasse 26, Kreuzplatz II Apartment is located at Forchstrasse 28.

Arrival with public transport

From Zurich Airport, Lucerne, Interlaken and Zermatt to Zurich main station

Trains run from Zurich airport to Zurich main station approximately every 5-10 minutes.

From Lucerne there are two direct trains per hour to Zurich main station. Trains always run xx.10 and xx.35 and the journey takes 45-50 minutes.

There are two trains from Interlaken to Zurich main station. You have to change trains in Bern. Trains always run xx.00 and xx.30. The journey takes 1 h 58 min.

From Zermatt there is a train xx.37 to Zurich main station with a change in Visp. The journey takes 3 h 21 min.

Further information on train connections and timetables can be found here:

From Zurich main station to Forchstrasse 26/28

In front of the main station take bus no. 31 direction “Kienastenwies”, the bus stop is in front of MC Donald’s. Get off at the stop “Kreuzplatz” and then walk along Forchstrasse for about 150 meters to Forchstrasse 26/28.

Wegbeschreibung von der Haltestelle "Kreuzplatz" bis zur Forchstrasse 26/28
Direction from the stop “Kreuzplatz” to Forchstrasse 26/28

General information for travellers by car:
Unfortunately, we have no parking spaces at this location. Public transport in Switzerland is excellent and we recommend that you do not travel by car. If you still arrive by car, you can find more information about parking on the website.

At the Minervastrasse and the three following streets, you will find parking spaces on the right side.
You can also use a public car park. The nearest are the “Opera Parkhaus” or the “Feldegg Parkhaus”.

Umgebung der HITrental Kreuzplatz Apartments

Would you like to know more about the surroundings of your apartment? No problem, just read on here πŸ˜‰ .

Kreuzplatz, where the apartments are located, is an important traffic junction in Zurich. The apartment is centrally located in Zurich and you can reach various restaurants and shopping facilities in a few minutes. The main station and the famous Niederdorf district can also be reached in a very short time by bus or tram. A market takes place on Wednesdays at Kreuzplatz. You will also find a Migros, Coop and Denner and a Starbucks Coffee.

And now enjoy your stay in our HITrental Kreuzplatz Apartments and feel at home πŸ™‚ πŸ‘‹.

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