What can I find around the Stauffacherstrasse Apartments?

The street in front of Stauffacherstrasse Apartments with many bars, restaurants and parks

Let’s introduce you the area

The Stauffacherstrasse Apartments are located in the Kreis 4 (District 4), well known as the red-light district, but with some transformations throughout the years, it hast turned into one of the most vibrant areas in Zurich with many bars, restaurants and parks. This multicultural and lively district has become attractive for young families. The central location is also a plus, as you can reach the main station or the lake in just 10 minutes by public transportation. There are many parks where people get together in the evening, either to chill or get a drink after work with friends.

Parks and Squares


The Park Bäckeranlage is located right in front of our apartments. During the day (in warm weather of course 😊) you will find people in the park, either reading a book or having a lunch break. There is a restaurant with tables outside and a playground for kids.


This small square, located at the end of Stauffacherstrasse, might go unnoticed during the day, but in the late afternoon it gets full of people around the fountain in the center of the square. Right at the corner there is a Kaffee with tables outside, but also feel free to spread your towel on the concrete floor and bring your own drink and snacks. A big Coop Supermarket is located at Lochergut, only 2 min by foot from there.


Actually located on the Distric 3, but within walking distance from the Stauffacher Apartments. This urban hotspot is “Where the Cherry Blossoms Are Flowering in Zurich”. In the evening people come out for a drink as the square turns into a terrace. You can get a table in one of the outdoor restaurants/bars, or if you are on a budget, there is a Kiosk at the corner where you can get cold drinks and seat in the benches bellow the trees.

Restaurants and Bars

If there is something you wont miss in Zurich is the restaurants, bars and cafes. Just a short stroll around and you will find one behind the other. Here are some of our recommendations of well know restaurants and some hidden treasures.

  • Bank – Industrial chic meets contemporary modern at this funky bar
  • Yuma – Legendary tasting dishes, street food and international specialties
  • Bebek – For all lovers of oriental meze culture, with a beautiful interior
  • Grand Cafe Lochergut – Refined Mediterranean-Oriental cuisine with a nice outdoor space
  • La Baracca – Unconventional, trendy restaurant with traditional cuisine
  • Schönau – Charming terrace with colorful tables and chairs. Wide variety of seasonal dishes
  • Hiltl- Guinness world record as the oldest continuously open vegetarian restaurant in the world
  • SO – All you can eat pizzeria served with a big bowl of salad to share.
  • Mythos – Modern Cafe offering Greek rotisserie meat dishes, plus veggies & sides
  • Hooters – Famous sports bar & grill chain for chicken wings and burgers
  • Cafe de Paris – This fancy brasserie serves the house specialty Entrecôte Café de Paris
  • Cafe für dich – Right next to our apartments, this bistro/bar/café, is a friendly place for children
  • Le Cedre – Authentic Lebanese cuisine with a great service
  • Kosmos – An urban bistro inside the The Kulturhaus Kosmos
  • Bubbles – Daily a-la-carte breakfast and on weekends there is Full-English Breakfast.

If your budget is low, but cooking is out of your plans during vacation, maybe some of these would be valuable for you:

  • Oh my greek – Simple, authentic Greek food in a relaxed atmosphere
  • Pekking garden – Asian restaurant and take away
  • Aargauerhof – Swiss restaurant with great service
  • Chickeria – Fast food restaurant
  • Not Guilty – Laid-back place for coffees & juices, ready-made salads, fruit bowls & organic food

In the app To Go to Go you find a diversity of restaurants, cafes and bakeries nearby offering meals with a very good price.

And if you are not interested at all in eating out and want to save the money to travel around and see the amazing spots that Switzerland has to offer, you can cook in our apartments. Our kitchen is fully equipped with all the utensils you will need to prepare your own meal. We offer salt and pepper, but no oil and other condiments you might need.

If drinking in a park or square is not really your thing, don’t worry, there are many nice bars around the apartments where you can fancy a drink.

  • Vagabundo – Cool cocktails, a good selection of wines
  • Raygrodski – A huge range of classic & creative cocktails
  • Wohnzimmer Bar – The decoration lives up to the bar’s name Living Room Bar
  • Ole Ole Bar- Legendary Spanish bar in the heart of Langstrasse
  • ACID – Small and cozy Cafe/Bar with home made gin
  • Bar 63 – Brick-lined room with L-shaped bar and elevated cocktails.
  • Fat Tony – Stylish interior design and cozy garden for the warm days
  • Dante – Swanky cocktail bar with art deco-inspired décor and a small food menu.
  • Cinchona Bar- located inside the 25Hours Hotel with a casual atmosphere

Supermarkets and Convenience shops

On the Langstrassse there is a Coop Supermerket which is open from Monday to Saturday from 7am to 10pm.

Walking towards the Badenerstrasse you have a big Migros Supermarket open from Monday to Saturday from 8am to 9pm.

Right next to the Migros, you find a Denner, a discount Supermarket with better prices than Migros and Coop, however with a smaller variety of products.

Going down the Langstrasse towards Limatplatz you find a Migrolino Fresh, a convenience store open everyday from 6am until 11pm.

If you need to make grocery after 11pm, when supermarkets are closed, there are Kioks open 24/7 along Langstrasse.

If you look for fresh or organic goods, there is a sustainable food retail BachserMärt at Kalkbreite tram stop, next to the Bebek Restaurant.

Don’t miss the chance to stay at the most vibrant areas in Zurich with many bars, restaurants and parks (and much more!)

Note that on Sundays and public holidays, you only find open supermarkets at the main stations. The closest train station from Stauffacherstrasse Apartments is the main station, Zurich HB. The Migrolino convenience stores are also open on these days.

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