1st of August

The Swiss National Day

We would like to share with you a few tip on how to celebrate the 1st of August. First of all, let us introduce the 1st of August, a public holiday celebrated since 1891. Although Switzerland Confederation founding took place in 1291, the official date for the celebration was created only 600 years later.
The date of 1st August is symbolic, since it is taken from the Swiss Federal Charter that stated “at the beginning of the month of August 1291”. This special day marked the alliance of 3 cantons: Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden. When they swore eternal fidelity to one another, promising mutual help and assistance.
Not only a date is chosen to mark this historical event, but also a place. Legend tells the beginning of Switzerland was at Rütli, a meadow overlooking Lake Lucerne.

Lake Lucerne

How Swiss People celebrate 1 August

On the Swiss National day many people will decorate their houses with Swiss flags, as well as some public buildings and streets will also have their patriot decoration. The bakeries will sell a special bread with a small Swiss flag on it.

In Zurich

As soon as the evening comes you might see groups of people setting fireworks or lanterns in the parks where they celebrate with barbecue and picnics around the lake. Zurich has many parks and green areas, which is perfect to spend the holiday with friends and family. Another option is the mountain of Zurich, Uetiliberg. The Hotel above the mountain will have an event with BBQ and firework.
If you wish to see some tradition you can watch the Bundesfeier parade. It starts 10 am at Werdmühleplatz, close to Bahnhofstrasse. Traditional food, clothes, music and much more!


In Zug

The festival in Zug will take place at Landsgemeindeplatz Zug, right in front of the lake. There will be live music and of course, it is a great place to make your own party with BBQ with an amazing view at then lake side.


In Basel

The Celebration in Basel takes places every year on the 31st July, at 5pm and finishes at 2 am in the next day.The festival area is right at the Rhine and has a beautiful firework display, that starts at 11 pm. The festival goes all the way from Kleinbasler side of the Rhine from the Johanniterbrücke to the Wettsteinbrücke, and in Grossbasel from the Johanniterbrücke to the Mittlere Brücke, and from the harbour to the Marktplatz.


As well as on the 31st there is a special celebration at the Rhine Falls, near Schauffhauser, with fireworks and light effects. The event is celebrated at the waterfalls since mid 19th century. The Rhine Falls is anyway a sightseeing in Switzerland and could be even more special during the Swiss National Day!

Rhine Falls

In Lucerne

The official festival takes places at Helvetiagärtli and starts at 5pm. Likely in all other cities there will be live music with BBQ and at 9 pm the lanterns parade, the most favorite part of the day for the kids!

At 8 pm, all the church bells in the country ring out for 15 minutes.

The Hitrental Team wishes you a great holiday!

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