Day trip: Blausee and Oeschinensee


One of the most beautiful mountain lakes of Switzerland, located on Bernese Oberland, can be visited in a few hours and combined with other visits in the region. Interlaken is just 35 km away.

The Blausee is a turquoise colored water lake, 900 meters above the sea in the Kander valley. 

Crystal clear water

The lake is full of fishes which are easily seen because of the crystal clear water. Even better visible from the little glass-floor boat. The ride is for free and it takes around 10 minutes. 

There are also short hikes around the lake in its forest. For the kids there is a big playground with swings and slides.

The legend of the blue lake

You should troll around the lake until you reach a bridge, from where you can perfectly see the statue of a woman. The legend of this statue says that the lake is made out of the tears from a young woman that cried in to the water after the death of her beloved. 

If you are lucky the park will not be crowed and you can spend enough time in all the spots and enjoy the scenario without any hurry. There are some designated areas where you can make your own BBQ or just a quick picnic which are ideal for summer days. But there is also a hotel inside the park, where you can try special dishes made with the trouts from the Blausee. The terrace of the restaurant provides a beautiful view to the lake. More information here:

Open every day of the year

The nature park is open every day from 9 am to 5 pm, so you can visit it at any time of the year. There is a fee to enter the park and it may vary according to the period of the year. From March to November adults pay CHF 8 and children from 6-15 years old pay CHF 4 – Monday to Friday. On Weekends the price is CHF 10 and CHF 5, respectively. Children up to 5 years old enter for free. From November to March adults pay CHF 5 and children from 6-15 years old pay CHF 2. Children up to 5 years old enter for free.

The way from the entrance where you buy the entrance ticket is very short and you can either go straight forward to meet the lake or chose other paths amongst the forest – do not worry it is not a big hike and you don’t need special shoes or clothes.

How to get there

The Blausee is easily accessible by car or public transportation. There is an outdoor parking very close to the entrance, which you pay directly at the machine inside the parking field. The bus stops next to the parking.

Take a train to Kandersteg and then a bus towards Kandergrund and get off at Blausee stop. The way from the bus station to the park is just about 5 minutes by foot.

Our suggestion is that you make your way to Oeschinensee afterwards. You can easily combine both lakes in one day! The ride from Blausee is very short – around 15 minutes, either by car or by bus until the cable car station to the Oeschinensee . 

On December 7 and 8, 2019 the Blausee Nature Park will host a Christmas Market. The landscape covered by snow and the lights will make the visit even more memorable.

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