The hotspots of Switzerland

Grand Tour of Switzerland

Grand Tour of Switzerland

Switzerland is a small country but offers a lot. From palm trees in the south to glaciers and mountains and even from small villages to modern cities such as Zurich and Geneva.

If you would like to see all facets of Switzerland, then you should consider the Grand Tour of Switzerland. This is the perfect road trip around Switzerland with more than 45 attractions (12 of them are even certified as world cultural heritage by UNESCO) and you will pass 22 lakes.

The whole route is about 1643 km and there are different locations to start the tour. The tour is surrounded by different types of accommodation, such as camping areas, hotels, Bed & Breakfast and various restaurants. If you drive up to five hours per day, you can manage the whole tour within 7 days. But for sure, it depends on how much time you take for breaks as well as for sightseeing in the different cities.

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You are thinking about doing this road trip in Switzerland? Then you will find a lot of helpful information on the websites below:

Watch the movie of Grand Tour of Switzerland from Switzerland Tourism


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