Want to know more about Switzerland?

Want to know more about Switzerland?

Websites about Switzerland

In this post, I would like to show to you some nice websites, where you can find a lot of information about Switzerland.

Blog of Diccon Bewes

Let’s start with Diccon Bewes, he is originally from England but lives now in Bern, Switzerland. He wrote different books about Switzerland such as “How to be Suisse”, “Slow Train to Switzerland” or “Swiss Watching” where he dispels the myths and unravels the true meaning of “Swissness”. On his blog, you find a variety of other funny stories about Switzerland.

> Blog of Diccon Bewes

TimeOut Switzerland

This site is the ultimate guide for your next trip to Switzerland. You can find city guides, as well as restaurant and bar tips or museum you have to visit, and a lot more…

> TimeOut Switzerland

New in Zurich

Are you planning to move or just to stay a bit longer than just a holiday in Zurich, then you should consider this site. Here you find everything around Zurich, events that take place, things to do or restaurant recommendations and a lot more. Check it out.

> New In Zurich

Newly Swissed

Newly Swissed is an online magazine about Switzerland. They write about stuff they like, special Swiss habits as well as events, that take place in Switzerland. This is your website if you are travelling or even moving to Switzerland.

> Newly Swissed

House of Switzerland

This is the official site of House of Switzerland. They are responsible for the reputation of Switzerland in foreign countries. On this website, you find information about everything Switzerland has to offer.

> House of Switzerland

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