Meggenhorn Castle

A castle with a view!


Meggenhorn Castle and Mount Pilatus in the background


What comes to your mind, if I say, Disney? I guess it is the famous Disney Castle, isn’t it?

Well, we do not have Disneyland in Lucerne, but we have a Castle that is as beautiful as the famous Disney Castle! So if you are looking for a nice half-day trip in Lucerne, read this post.

The Meggenhorn Castle is accessible by boat, bus (more or less) or by car. I suggest going by bus because then you can take the boat back to Lucerne.

You take the bus No. 24 from Lucerne main station (railway station) to Meggen Lerchenbühl, this takes about 10 minutes. After getting off the bus at Meggen Lerchenbühl you have to walk a little bit back until you can see Meggenhornstrasse on your left side. Then follow this street and after 15 minutes you will reach the wonderful Meggenhorn Castle.


The castle is surrounded by a beautiful garden and wonderful flowers. Really it’s breathtaking. Next to the castle, there is a small bistro, but it is only open on Saturdays and Sundays and only if the weather is fine. On Sundays the castle is open and you can do a guided tour inside.

If you pass the castle and walk down to the lake you will cross a very nice playground. I promise you, your kids will love this place! And if you follow the path for another five minutes you will reach the tall statue of Christ and some hidden spots at the lake.

panorama view
panorama view



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