Treasures of Switzerland in Spring and Summer

Activity Recommendations from the HITrental Team – Spring and Summer Edition

View to Lake Bannalp

Switzerland offers a great range of attractive traditions worth seeing in spring and summer. Switzerland’s nature is especially beautiful during these seasons. When the first flowers sprout up and the trees shine in new splendor, the temperature rises and the days become longer, the Swiss celebrate their traditional spring festivals and the alpine herdsmen and dairymen bring their animals to the Alp. An alpine drive is always a great experience! The awakening of natur in spring is reflected in many customs and festivals, i.e. various youth festivals and traditions to hide and find eggs are typical spring festivals.

Formerly, there were no summer festivals. Nevertheless, the situation changed since 19th century with the social upheaval and occurrence of the bourgeois and industrial population. Today many traditional festivals are carried out in different cities. Numerous “Schwingete” (Swiss wrestling festivals) are celebrated from May to September.

Our HITrental Team has found the most exciting traditions and the most beautiful places in Switzerland. See our recommendations and be inspired by the wide variety of traditional offer and spectacular sights!

Everything about the water

Crystal blue mountain lakes and exciting incredible fishing experiences

Blausee, Caumasee and Bachalpsee

Switzerland has more than 1500 lakes. One of the most beautiful and famous lakes are the Blausee, Caumasee and Bachalpsee.

The Blausee is located in the middle of an idyllic small natural park. Due to its special colour and crystalline water, the Blausee is one of the most famous mountain lakes in Switzerland. It is very easy to reach the Blausee with the bus. You can reach the lake within 5 minutes from the bus stop.

The turquoise Caumasee near Flims is about 1000 metres above the sea and has a water temperature of 20°C to 24°C in summer. It is the perfect place to relax or pedal. The lake can be accessed by public transport (bus to Flims Waldhaus, Caumasee).

Last but not least, we would like to highlight the Bachalpsee. A hike to the Bachalpsee is highly recommended. During the hike, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the lake and the mountains. The requirements are easy, walking time is 2 h 45 min.

5-lakes-hike in Pizol

5 crystal clear mountain lakes and a fascinating view of the Alps: the 5-lakes-hike is a real classic among the mountain hikes. You walk along Lake Wanger, Lake Wildsee, Lake Schotten, Lake Schwarzsee and Baschalvasee, while you have a wonderful view of the Alps of Eastern Switzerland.
The requirements for this hike are medium, sporty and the hiking time is from 4 to 5 hours.

The song of water: Sagra del Pesce, Fish Festival

During the day, everything is only about water and the fishes of the Lago Maggiore (meaning “great lake”) at Piazzale Burbaglio in Muralto. The locals organize a fishing competition – the Sagra del Pesce – which is a great thing to enjoy during the festival. The festival always takes place on the second Sunday in March.

Up to the mountains

Alpine passes, mountain hikes and mountain huts

High away to Europe’s first mountain railway

Rigi mountain railway

The round trip Seebodenalp – Seebodenalp takes you up to mount Rigi – the queen of the mountains – and the first mountain railway in Europe. The walk leads you through forests and alpine landscapes and offers unique views of the city of Lucerne and Lake Lucerne. And there is a special tip for wheelchair users: The Chänzeli path is also suitable for people with special needs.
The requirements for the hike are medium, hiking time is about 3.5 hours.

Family with children love it here: Walenpfad

The destination of the Walenpfad trail, the Bannalp, is one of Nidwalden’s treasures. This hike is great for family trips, having various grill stations with wonderful views of the Swiss plateau (Mittelland). It is a mountain hike with medium requirements. Hiking time is about 4 hours.

More things in the mountains

  • Alp Imbrig cheese factory: On the Alp Imbrig you can eat and buy one of the best Emmental cheeses. The Alp is located near Marbachegg, where a variety of leisure activities are offered. You can reach it by foot or by car. If you contact the Alp family, you can visit the cheese dairy.
  • Schwägalp Alp procession: The “Appenzeller” (Swiss name for the locals of Appenzell) are tradition-conscious aesthetes, modest and nevertheless proud. This is especially evident in the colourful ceremonial of their alpine processions. A unique folk art has developed around the alpine rides in the Appenzeller’s land.
  • Spannorthütte SAC: Small but nice – the Spannorthütte is a quiet hut with fantastic mountain panorama. The path to the hut leads through the breathtaking alpine landscapes. In the Spannorthütte you can enjoy a traditional Swiss meal after a strenuous climb.

Melodious experiences

Alphorn concerts, traditional music and iodine festivals

Alphorn concerts in Gruyères

From mid May to September, the alphorn players and flag-waving hikers in Gruyères entertain you. The musicians start their tour at the well and pass through the town to the castle.
Gruyères is a medieval town on a hill with a beautiful castle, which dates back to the 13th century. Additionally, there are three different museums in Gruyères, which present you for example the regional architecture, history and culture.

Sound trail in Toggenburg

The sound trail in Toggenburg is a unique adventure. On the way, you learn how the stones and trees sound like. The route starts at Alp Sellamatt in Alt St.Johann and leads to Oberdorf in Wildhaus and includes 25 music installations.

Enjoy Switzerland in all its facets!

A selection of traditional spring and summer festivals


  • Heirassa Festival: The Heirassa Festival is carried out annually in June in Weggis. Here you can enjoy the highest quality of Swiss folk music during four days. The festival in Weggis is the largest Swiss folk music festival in Switzerland.
  • Cow fighting with a spectacular scenery: The farmers bring their cows to the Belalp in June, so that they can spend their summer days right there. The festival called “Stechfest” is always held during the cattle procession. Here, the cows meet and measure their strengths. The alpine queen is nominated at the end of the summer.
  • Chästeilet on the Hasliberg: Every year at the end of the summer, the farmers dispense the cheese. The traditional festival includes music, colorfully decorated cattle and various regional specialties.
  • Wrestling and Alpine Festival on the Rigi: Wrestlers and farmers celebrate their traditional festival on the Rigi in July. The festival is carried out annually on the Rigi Staffel and has one of the longest traditions in the city of Arth. This attractive program and breathtaking scenery promises unique Swiss entertainment.

Snow all year round

Mountains and glaciers constantly covered with snow

Mount Titlis


The Titlis is the highest glacier in Central Switzerland and covered by snow all year round. You can reach the Titlis and its glacier park by a rotating cable car. The Titlis Glacier Park is a paradise for all visitors who are looking for fun in the snow. There is also Europe’s highest suspension bridge.


Glacier Palace in the Matterhorn glacier paradise

Beautiful formations, glittering ice crystals, impressive ice sculptures, glacier clefts and an ice rinks are wating for you at the Glacier Palace. You need to go down under the glacier surface (up to 15 meters!) to reach a fabulous palace deep under the eternal snow.

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