Airports in Switzerland

How to go to Lucerne, Zurich or Zug by Train

Airport Switzerland

In Switzerland we have three main airports Zurich Airport, EuroAirport in Basel and the Airport in Geneva. In this post we’ll explain how you can travel by train from the airport to your HITrental apartment in Lucerne, Zug or Zurich. It’s very easy! Here are the three main points:

  • Public transportation in Switzerland is great and always on time! So you have to be on time too.
  • You find everything about time schedules, tickets and connections on the website of Swiss Railway Service (SBB):
  • If you are lost on your journey, just ask someone for help!

From Zurich Airport

To Zurich
From Zurich Airport every city is easy accessible. Zurich Airport is about 10 minutes by train from Zurich main station. And from Zurich main station there are trains in every direction of Switzerland.

To Lucerne
SBB (Swiss Railway Service) offers two direct trains per hour from Zurich Airport to Lucerne. Every hour at xx.18 and xx.47 from early morning until late evening.

To Zug
If you need to travel to Zug from the Zurich Airport you have multiple options. SBB offers direct trains every hour at xx.03, xx.33 and xx.47. There are other options, please check the website of Swiss Railway Service

From EuroAirport Basel

From the Airport in Basel you always have to take the Bus No. 50 first to go to the main train station of Basel. This bus takes about 15 minutes in to town. And if you just missed the bus, do not worry, there are buses every 5 minutes.

To Zurich
From Basel main station a lot of trains are going to Zurich. And the easiest thing is, you do not even have to change the train. Just enjoy the ride.

To Lucerne
Your HITrental Apartment is in Lucerne and you landed at Basel EuroAirport? Take the bus No. 50 to Basel main station. From Basel main station there are two direct trains to Lucerne. They leave every hour at xx.04 and xx.17.

To Zug
If you have to go to Zug you have to options. First option, you take the train to Zurich and change there to the train to Zug. Or second option, you take the train from Basel main station to Lucerne and then you change the train in Lucerne. In both occasions you will have about 1.5 hours.

From Geneva Airport

To Zurich
From Geneva Airport there are two trains per hour to Zurich main station. One leaves at xx.05 and the other at xx.32. This train journey takes almost three hours.

To Lucerne
If you have to go to Lucerne you can take the same train as to Zurich. So at xx.05 but you have to change the train in Olten or at xx.32 and then you change in Bern. The train via Zurich is a little bit faster and takes only three hours. The one via Bern takes about 3.5 hours.

To Zug
If your HITrental Apartment is located in Zug or Cham and you arrived at Geneva Airport you can take the same train every hour at xx.05 and xx.32 to Zurich. In Zurich you then have to change to an Inter Regio in direction to Lucerne.

You see it is very easy! But, please double check the timetable for your journey before leaving on the website of SBB: Just to make sure that everything will be okay.

And now, enjoy your stay in Switzerland! 👋

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