It’s too hot in Switzerland!

Hot weather? Stay cool!

Lake Lucerne
Lake Lucerne

We only have a few really hot days in Switzerland. So enjoy it! 🙂 Usually it’s about 25 degrees in summer in Switzerland and that’s why we don’t have air-condition in our houses. Really, we don’t need this! Most apartments and hotels don’t have air condition because it’s just not necessary and we can safe a lot of energy, which is needed in winter to heat up the apartments.

What we do to keep our houses cold and comfortable in Summer, we close the blinds in the morning and let them closed the whole day. And in the evening when it gets cooler we open the blinds and the windows to let the fresh air circulate. And don’t worry Switzerland is a safe place and you can easily sleep with open windows. 🙂

But sure, the last three weeks were really hot and it was more than 30 degrees. So when I met some guests the other day they asked me where they can go swimming. And now I write this post, so that everyone knows where to swim next to our apartments in Lucerne, Zug and Zurich.

In Lucerne

If you are living in an apartment in Lucerne you have multiple options. You can go to “Ufschötti“, where you can swim in the Lake Lucerne. There is now swimming pool just a lake and it’s for free. There is also a small bistro, where you can buy drinks and snacks. You can reach “Ufschötti” from the main station on foot or by bus No. 6/7/8. Take the bus to the station called “Werkhofstrasse” and there you just cross the street and walk straight until you see the lake.

If you take the same busses to the station “Wartegg” and you follow the “Richard-Wagner-Weg” (Richard-Wagner-Street) you will arrive at the “Strandbad Tribschen” (swimming area Tribschen). There you can also swim in the lake but there is also an outdoor pool if you don’t like lake water.

On the other side of the lake you will find two other places to swim. The first one is located on the lakeside promenade “Nationalquai” right between the casino of Lucerne an the Hotel Palace and is called “Seebad Luzern“. This place is very beautiful! It’s not only a outdoor pool but also a bar to spend the evening at the lakeside.

If you follow the lake side promenade you will arrive at the famous museum of transport, which is a good alternativ if it’s bad weather. And right next to the museum there is an other outdoor pool called “Lido“. This area is maybe a bit better for families with kids because there is a pool for kids, a playground and everything you need for a lovely day at the lake.

Swimming Spots in Lake Lucerne
Swimming Spots in Lake Lucerne.

In Cham and Zug

If you booked an apartment in Cham or Zug you can swim in the Lake of Zug. In Cham there is the “Strandbad” in Cham. If you are coming from the main train station in Cham you just follow the “Bahnhof” street and after 250 meters you turn left and you follow the street called “Seeweg”. After 10 minutes you arrive at the “Strandbad“.

In Zug there is also a “Strandbad Zug“, it’s located next to the train station “Zug Schutzengel”. On the website of Zug tourism you can find a lot of other spots to swim in the lake of Zug: Swimming in Zug

Swimming Spots Zug
Swimming Spots Zug

In Zurich

In Zurich there are also multiple options to swim in the lake. On one hand, there is the “Frauenbad am Stadthausquai” which is for ladies only. And on the other hand, there is the “Freibad am Schanzengraben” which is only for men.

But there are also a lot of other outdoor pools such as the “Seebad Enge“, the “Strandbad Mythenquai“, which has a 250-meter-long beach or the “Strandbad Tiefenbrunnen” which is a bathing paradise for families and kids.

If you prefer to swim in the river Limmat you can go to the “Oberer Letten“, which offers a 400-meter-long swimming canal or to “Unterer Letten“, which offers also a pool for non-swimmers, a kids’ pool and a bistro, which sells barbecue specialties, fresh salad, pasta and antipasti. Both this places are very popular for young adults and are a bit crowded in summer.

Swimming spots in Zurich
Swimming spots in Zurich

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