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The city of Zug is famous for its 400-year-old cherry tradition. There are not only a lot of cherry plantations but also different cherry traditions as well as a variety of products made from cherries.

Tradition of Chriesisturm

Every June the «Chriesisturm» tradition takes place in the Old Town of Zug. To mark the opening of the cherry season the bell of St. Michael’s Church, called «Chriesigloggä», peals.

This all goes back to an old tradition when locals used to rush off as soon as the bell of St. Michael’s Church pealed. They ran with 8,1 metre long ladders through the Old Town of Zug to start picking the cherries grown on nearby common land. Back then, picking cherries before this special day was absolutely forbidden and the local government even employed guardians to protect the cherries by night and day.

Nowadays, the «Chriesisturm» run is a fun event for the whole family. The run is followed by the opportunity of a splendid lunch and the start of the traditional cherry market.

Chriesisturm event

This year the event takes place on the 26th of June in the Old Town of Zug. The event starts at 11.45 AM with the official welcoming of the visitors at the Liebfrauenkappelle. The peal of bells and the official run starts at noon and after the traditional «Chriesisturm», you can try different cherry food specialities on the Landsgemeindeplatz. At 3 PM the well-known «Christimärt» (cherry market) starts in the old town.

Products with cherries

As already mentioned, they not only have the «Chriesisturm» tradition, but also produce a variety of products made from cherries from Zug. Here are some examples you should try if you are in Zug:

Zuger Kirschtorte (cake with kirsch)
This cake is made of biscuit-like macaroons, kirsch syrup and kirsch-cream and dusted with icing sugar. Despite the fact, that this cake is originally from Zug, this cake is probably the one thing that is available everywhere in Switzerland.

Zuger Kirsch (kirsch)
Zuger kirsch is a traditional schnapps made of cherries. This product is only produced in Zug.

Zuger Chriesiwurst (Sausage with cherries)
This sausage was invented in 2009. The sausage contains, along with all other sausage ingredients, dried cherry pieces.

Zuger Chriesigloggä (chocolate)
For the 300-years anniversary of the «Chriesigloggä» (cherry bell) Zug invented small chocolates filled with cherry jelly and kirsch schnapps in bell shape. These chocolates are also available without alcohol. 😉

Zuger Chriesibier (cherry beer)
This beer contains cherry concentrate and was produced for the 150-year anniversary of the family owned company Baarer Brauerei, which is located in the canton of Zug.

Zuger Chriesijoghurt (cherry yoghurt)
This yoghurt is fully made of cherries from Zug but it is available in every supermarket in Switzerland.

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