Work in Switzerland as a Foreigner

What you need to know when you emigrate to Switzerland

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Switzerland is a lucrative place to work. It is one of the world’s most successful business locations, with a favorable investment climate, well-educated workforce, good infrastructure and excellent academic and research institutes. In addition, taxes are moderate, currency and prices stable.

In this blog post we have made a compilation for you, which shows you what Switzerland can offer you as a place of work. We also give you a list of useful links to further information.

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  • Living and working in Switzerland
    • Living in Switzerland as a foreign national
    • Working in Switzerland
  • Emigrate to Zurich
    • Living and working in Zurich
    • HITrental Business Apartments in Zurich
  • Emigrate to Lucerne
    • Living and working in Lucerne
    • HITrental Business Apartments in Lucerne
  • Emigrate to Zug
    • Living and working in Zug
    • HITrental Business Apartments in Zug

Living and Working in Switzerland

Living in Switzerland as a foreign national

Switzerland offers a variety of activities, recreational opportunities and jobs. Every year, thousands of people decide to emigrate to Switzerland and start a new life here. If you live and / or work in Switzerland for more than three months, you must register with your local community within 14 days after arrival. Furthermore, you need a residence permit. This is granted by the cantonal immigration authorities. It depends on your nationality which permits are necessary for a stay of more than three months in Switzerland. A permanent job is the most important requirement for emigration to Switzerland. If you can present a valid employment contract at the immigration office, you can apply for a residence permit. Further information about residence permits for Switzerland can be found here.

In addition to the beautiful landscape, Switzerland also offers a variety of leisure activities and shopping opportunities that make your life easier. In the cities there are numerous supermarkets and shops of all kinds. These are open during the week in most cities from 8.00 o’clock to 18.30 or 19.00 o’clock and on Saturday until 16.00 or 17.00 o’clock. On Sundays the shops are generally closed except at the big stations.

There are also countless associations and clubs in Switzerland. They play an important role in the integration of foreigners. Especially in the big cities, the cultural offer is very diverse.
More detailed information on everyday life in Switzerland can be found at the State Secretariat for Migration SEM and on the website of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA).
If you emigrate to Switzerland with children you will find useful information here.

Working in Switzerland

Despite limited land area and lack of raw materials, Switzerland is a major industrialized country and financial services provider. Today, Switzerland is one of the most successful business locations in the world and has a very favorable investment climate. The Swiss labor market is characterized by a liberal labor law, low regulatory density and high social stability. Good working conditions are accompanied by the advantage of low taxes. In European comparison, the tax burden is moderate for both businesses and individuals. Also, VAT and customs duties are low. In addition, bilateral agreements prevent international double taxation.

The individual employment contract in Switzerland determines the relationship between employee and employer. This requires no special form and can also be completed orally. In some sectors and occupations, collective agreements are provided for the regulation of the employment relationship. These regulate the relationship between employees and trade unions or professional associations.

The maximum legal working time in Switzerland is 45 hours per week for employees in industrial firms, office staff, technical and other staff and sales personnel in large retail establishments, and 50 hours for all other employed persons.

Further information about living and working in Switzerland can be found here:

Emigrate to Zurich

hitrental-zurichLiving and Working in Zurich

Zurich is one of the cities with the highest quality of life worldwide. It never gets boring in Zurich! The city offers a varied cultural offer and thanks to its central location is the ideal starting point for excursions to all other Swiss cities. In Zurich, people are considered cosmopolitan – most people speak English and / or French. Zurich is located on the lake and near the Alps, which makes the city attractive.

Zurich is the economically strongest region of Switzerland and is the international financial center of Switzerland. The economic development of the city of Zurich is committed to good framework conditions for the economy. The focus is on existing, new and emerging companies. The Business and Economic Development Division develops strategies for a diverse sector structure in the Zurich area with sustainable companies. Within the administration, the division is committed to economic promotions.

Further information about living and working in Zurich can be found here:

HITrental Business Apartments in Zurich

Our apartments in Zurich offer you the optimal space for your business trip or for your start in Zurich. The apartments are all close to the city center, where you can easily reach everything on foot or by public transport within a few minutes. All of our business apartments are equipped with a fully equipped kitchen, private bathroom, laundry facilities, high-speed Wi-Fi Internet and a flatscreen TV. The apartments are also close to the main financial districts, so you will not lose time commuting.

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Emigrate to Lucerne

Lucerne, Switzerland, aerial view of the old town, lake and Rigi mountain

Living and Working in Lucerne

The canton of Lucerne is one of the largest residential regions in Switzerland. The canton and the city of Lucerne offer attractive living from urban to rural flair. Thanks to a share of 17% of foreign clients, Lucerne is accustomed to participating in the international location competition. Lucerne is one of the cities with the highest quality of life in the world. The lake and the mountains make Lucerne a unique experience. Culturally, the city has much to offer. Whatever you expect from a unique city, Lucerne will not disappoint you! The most important partner of the city of Lucerne for location promotion, the settlement of new companies and maintenance of existing stands is the Business Development Lucerne.

Further information about living and working in Lucerne can be found here:

HITrental Business Apartments in Lucerne

Our business apartments in Lucerne are all located in the same skyscraper. The apartments are located in the highest skyscraper in Central Switzerland and are ideal for business travelers or for people who want to settle in Lucerne. Located on the Allmend, the apartments are central and yet you can enjoy your rest after a hard day’s work. The apartments are all equipped with a fully equipped kitchenette, fast Wi-Fi internet and a large flatscreen TV. The train station as well as the city and the lake can be reached from the Allmend in 15 minutes. In addition, next to the skyscraper is a supermarket and the bus stop.

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Emigrate to Zug

Stadt Zug, SchweizLiving and Working in Zug

Zug is a globalized city in the heart of Switzerland. The city offers not only proximity to the lake and the mountains, but also to the workplace. The city of Zug is thus an excellent living and economic area. Zug has the lowest tax burden in Switzerland. The internationality, the broad yet focused mix of industries, the attractive tax situation and the business-friendly mentality make Zug a preferred residential and business location. The Economic Promotion looks after interested parties wishing to investigate a settlement in the Canton of Zug. The services are free.

Further information about living and working in Zug can be found here:

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And now, see you soon in Zurich, Lucerne or Zug 🙂

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