Enjoy Central Swiss Nature in the Forests!

Meggerwald & Bireggwald

Central Switzerland and Lucerne are known for their world-famous mountains such as Rigi, Pilatus and Titlis. But Central Switzerland has also other higlights to experience in the nature. For example, there are fantastic lake and hill landscapes, but also diverse and wonderful forests. Today I would like to introduce two forests that are very attractive for both athletes and walkers.

The Meggerwald extends over the communitites of Meggen and Adligenswil to Merlischachen. The Bireggwald is very close to our HITrental Allmend Apartments and is ideal for a walk near the city.

The Meggerwald

Meggerwald with view to Mount Rigi
Meggerwald with view to Mount Rigi

The Meggerwald impresses by its varied vegetation and its diverse offer. The woodland covers around 136 hectares. If you decide to make a trip to the Meggerwald, you should definitely plan a little time, because there is much to admire. A special highlight is the Wagenmoos. This is a clearing in the middle of the Meggerwald. Central element is an artificially dammed pond, surrounded by reedlands. At the small lake there is also an idyllic picnic area, which invites you to relax and eat together. On a hike through the Meggerwald you can easily make a short side trip to Wagenmoos.

How to get to the Meggerwald

Depending on where you start your walk through the Meggerwald, the journey is different. I describe three different travel option, but the forest can still be entered from other locations.

Starting point Würzenbach

If you would like to start your hike in the district of Würzenbach, you can take bus number 8 from Lucerne station to the final stop “Würzenbach”. From there you cross the road and get to the forest entrance, where you can see various hiking trails, which show you the way to Büttenen, Meggen or Küssnacht am Rigi.

Starting point Büttenen

The Meggerwald can also be entered by the district of Büttenen. Take the bus number 6 from Lucerne station and get off at the final stop “Büttenhalde”. From here you already see the forest and you can enter wherever you want.

Starting point Meggen Tschädigen

Here is probably the most famous entrance to the Meggerwald. Take bus number 24 and get off at the station called “Tschädigen”. On the opposite side of the station you can see hiking trails that show you the way into the forest.

Hiking in the Meggerwald

In the Meggerwald there are various hiking trails. In this blog post I only suggest one route that I have done myself many times and that is rewarding every time.

The hike starts in Küssnacht am Rigi. You can take the train from Lucerne train station to Küssnacht am Rigi. From there, you go first along the railway tracks and then up into a scenic area. You walk then for a while above Lake Lucerne and can enjoy beautiful views of the lake, Rigi, Pilatus and the Central Swiss Alps.

After a while, you continue towards Haltikon and soon you reach the Meggerwald, from where nature trails lead to the district of Würzenbach. This beautiful hike takes you past the Wagenmoos described above, at various barbecue areas and at a forest kindergarten. From Würzenbach you can either take the bus to Lucerne or walk along the lake shore into the city.

Detailed directions can be found here (only available in German).

The Bireggwald

View to the Bireggwald from our HITrental Allmend Apartments

The Bireggwald is a peaceful forest in the middle of Lucerne. Here you can enjoy the Swiss nature to the fullest. A walk close to the city or a short hike are particularly suitable here. The Bireggwald is one of the last remaining natural areas directly on the outskirts of Lucerne.

How to get to the Bireggwald

Take bus number 7 from Lucerne train station to the stop Biregghof. From there, a climb leads up to the forest.

The forest can also be accessed from other locations, for example from the bus stop Horw, Waldegg. You can easily reach this bus stop form Lucerne train station by bus number 20.

If you stay in one of our HITrental Allmend Apartments, you can easily walk to the forest, which is just few steps away.

Hiking in the Bireggwald

Hiking route Bireggwald - Oberrüti - Lucerne
Hiking route Bireggwald – Oberrüti – Lucerne

In the Bireggwald there are various hiking trails. A hike that is especially recommended is the hike from Bireggwald to the lookout point Oberrüti and along the lakeshore back to Lucerne. The hike lasts about 1.5 to 2 hours and is 7.4 km long. The hike offers wonderful views of the lake and Mount Pilatus.

The detailed directions and further information about the hike can be found here.

Zurich vitaparcours in the Bireggwald

If you prefer sporty, you can also do a Zurich vitaparcours in the Bireggwald. The concept of Zurich vitaparcours is the promotion of grassroots sport, the development of health prevention and the development of family and nature experience.

Here you can jog around on an established track in the forest and at the same time complete various exercises at 15 stations. The total distance is 1 km and a slope of 50 m.

Further information about the Zurich vitaparcours in the Bireggwald can be found here (only available in German, French and Italian).

By the way, there is also a Zurich vitaparcours in the Meggerwald.

And now, enjoy the Swiss Central nature in the forests! 👋

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